Tom Wiederin | Photo by Crew Carwash

Reporters at the Indy Star in Indianapolis, Indiana recently sat down with a car wash executive who answered five key questions about his business. The result is an insightful piece about what it’s like to run a car wash in modern times. It’s also a good look at what it’s like to run a car wash in parts of the country where inclement weather can affect your staffing levels and your sales.

Tom Wiederin is the human resource and recruiting manager at Crew Carwash. One of his tactics for keeping younger employees on staff has been to help with their college tuition. The car wash has a tuition assistance program that will give employees up to $2,500 a year toward their college courses. The car wash also pays its employees a starting wage of $10 an hour, which draws some of the best workers and keeps them.

Wiederin offered his advice for hiring and keeping employees in a series of five questions with reporters. Here’s a sampling of his responses:

Question: How have recruiting methods become more sophisticated in recent years? 

Answer: “The fact that recruiting methods and strategies must change quickly has been an unexpected surprise. The way applicants search and apply for positions has definitely evolved in recent years. Mobile devices have taken over as the top way people are searching and applying for positions. It’s crucial that our entire applicant experience be mobile-friendly.”

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