Car wash marketing is often left to your regular customers via word of mouth by sharing rave reviews with friends and family, but this can also backfire — a mechanical malfunction leads to a few bad experiences and a lull in customer traffic. One way to maintain loyalty and plead forgiveness when things do go wrong are with gift cards and coupon books.

Both are great signs of your appreciation and offer new customers an opportunity to visit your business, experience your service, and share their feedback with others. Which option your business needs most depends on who your target audience is, the new customers who are unfamiliar with your services or your frequent customers who could be spreading the word and increasing your traffic.

Car Wash Gift Cards

Almost every business these days offers a gift card. Long gone are the days of gift certificates printed and filled out by hand. Gift cards are great because they’re durable, an ideal size, and work just like cash. In terms of car wash marketing, gift cards are a solid option because they offer the recipient an opportunity to either try your car wash for the first time, or for a return customer to upgrade their services. If you are relying on word of mouth to attract customers, offering a gift card program or a reduced rate for your car wash loyalty club members will give an easy opportunity for your frequent customers to spread the word and for new clients to experience your services.   

Car Wash Coupon Books

Coupon books are a tried and true method of car wash marketing. The general idea is that you offer a book of coupons for customers to receive a discount on the range of services you provide. This is a great tool for drawing new customers in because they have the opportunity to try your services at a discount rate. Most people get a car wash here and there, usually at the base rate because they don’t understand the benefits of your upgraded services. By offering a coupon book customers can try the higher quality services, see the results, and understand that it’s worth their money to pay full price. Using a coupon book also shows the customer the range of services you offer, some of which they may not have been aware of, and if you offer multiple coupons for the same service they can share the wealth with others.

Both gift cards and coupon books are good options depending on the behavior you’re trying to encourage in your customers. Gift cards are an easy opportunity to provide any customer, new or frequent, with funds to upgrade their wash or get a car wash more often. Coupon books showcase your range of services and treat your frequent customers to upgraded services. Coupon books are also a great way to connect with the community for a fundraiser or participate in community events like raffles and celebrations. Gift cards and coupon books are a great car wash marketing strategy because they pair well with social media, word of mouth, and a website or marketing page, all of which get the word out and create new opportunities for more business.

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