Bobby Patterson buffs the wax on the top of the car in the garage at Kings ‘N’ Queens Car Wash (Steve Bisson | Savannah Morning News).

We recently told you about a father-son car wash team that opened a business employing those with Autism in Florida after they announced plans for a second location. Theirs is not the only car wash that employs those with Autism. We’ve written about one in Arizona and in Singapore, too. Here’s yet another example of a car wash business giving back to the community in a big way.


A car wash in Savannah, Georgia looks to hire employees with criminal backgrounds. The Savannah Morning News reports that all nine employees of the car wash have served time in prison. But the owner of the car wash doesn’t just offer them a paycheck, she also mentors them.

“The first thing we do: They come in with a correctional ID. We tell them they need to go to the DMV and get a Georgia ID,” said Cecilia D. Scott, owner of Kings ‘N Queens Car Wash. “Next we tell them ‘start saving money. If you’re living with someone, you’ve got to contribute. You’ve got to start saving so some day, you can get your own place. And you’ve got to learn what you can so you can build up respect — work on keeping your name clean.’”

Eventually, Scott even encourages them to look for better employment. The nine employees told the Morning News they were grateful for an opportunity to get back on their feet. The car wash has been open for two years.