Earlier in the month of May, Crew Carwash of Indianapolis held a charity event that raised $54,884 for Riley Children’s Foundation. Riley Children’s Hospital makes it possible for all children to have access to world-class care. Whether it be routine checkups or specialized care, Riley Children’s Hospital has a network of doctors caring for Indiana’s future generation.

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“Shine for Riley” Charity Event

The even “Shine for Riley” took place on the weekend of May 13-14th. Any customer who provided a monetary donation to Riley Children’s Hospital received a free tire shine. All 30 of Crew Carwash’s locations participated in the event, and 100% of the proceeds donated when to the Riley Children’s Foundation.

This is not the first time Crew Carwash has lent a helping hand to the organization. In 2016 Crew Carwash raised over $30,000 to help Riley Children’s Hospital fund the recruitment of specialized physicians.

Doing the Right Thing

Crew Carwash set a wonderful example of how a local business can give back to its community. Giving back to one’s community is not only the right thing to do, but it also grows brand awareness.

After raising over $80,000 for Riley Children’s Hospital over the last two years, Crew Carwash is now recognized around the nation and has brought added value and integrity to their brand. The carwash which was once only a local business has spread its brand’s awareness coast to coast while at the same time helping those in need.

What can You Do?

How can you help your local community? What is your business passionate about? Who can you offer a helping hand? Think about these questions and take action. Choose a local charity in your community and follow in the footsteps of Crew Carwash.

An event such as “Shine for Riley” costs only the supplies of tire shine spray and the short time it takes to apply it. However, the money raised can potentially save or change the life of a child.

Additionally, what would coast to coast coverage cost if you were to buy that sort of media time? Helping others from your heart is not only the right thing to do, but it is also a good investment.

For more information about setting up a charity contact Wolford Communications. They have unlimited ideas on ways you can help your community!