The world of online marketing seems only to get more complicated by the week. Either it’s Google and Facebook changing their algorithms again or the talking heads of the marketing world are coming up with a new buzzword. Luckily for you, we’re keeping our eye out for the trends worth considering for your car wash business. Here are five we’ve been excited about lately.

Community Engagement Editors

There’s an “old” expression in the online marketing world: If somebody tells you he’s a “social media guru,” run. While that’s generally good advice, it’s only true because most of these people are full of crap. If you can find someone who’s truly good at social media, you’ll know it right away because they’ll be able to demonstrate results. That’s why I prefer calling these people Community Engagement Editors. They’re not just playing around on Instagram, they’re targeting leads and delivering brand messaging. They’re worth their weight in gold if you can find the right person — just as valuable as any salesperson. Let us know if you need help finding the right Community Engagement Editor for your car wash business.


This is another buzzword, but it’s something so fundamental that it’s never going away. The reason brands are catching on is that it works in a profound way. Consumers are sick of being marketed to: But if you tell them a story, they’ll listen. So, as a car wash business what’s your story? Well, your origins are one story, and your convictions are another. The causes you support and the customers whose days you make a little bit better are even better. On your website and your Facebook page, tell the stories surrounding your business that inspire you.


Video is huge. It was huge in 2014, when we published this post. But now it’s even bigger, to the point that Facebook is starting to compete with YouTube in video hosting and quirky viral videos are being corporatized. What does that tell you? It tells me that people are watching. As browser and internet speeds improve, more people are preferring to watch a video than to read a post. As a car wash business, that’s something to consider next to you want to start writing something — why not record it instead?

Paperless everything

From payments to coupons to bills to, well, newspapers (duh), everything is going paperless. You can save money and improve your marketing by initiating the switch to paperless products. Installing card readers at your automatic or self-service wash is just one thing. Try emailing their bills and including options for consumers to add a $1, $2 or $3 tip to their purchase. It’s a great way to increase sales while cutting back on paper waste.