When it comes to Car Wash Marketing, there are a lot of ideas. There are many articles, like the ones you find on this blog, out there. However, one of the best ways to learn about marketing is by example. So let’s take a look at how a car was in St. Louis partnered up with other local businesses and created a media feeding frenzy. 

pexels-photo-5Car Wash Marketing: Tidal Wave Luxury Car Wash

Tidal Wave Luxury Car Wash recently got 2:49 seconds of free air time on a local TV station. How? Tidal Wave Car Wash held a grand opening event and offered free car washes to everyone in the community. The car wash is also strategically located next to a gas station and convenience store. Tidal Wave teamed up with the other businesses and offered a truly unique car wash experience.

Customers can get a car wash, fill their tank, grab a Shakespeare’s Pizza, and even a bottle of wine all at the same location. These businesses partnered up to create natural synergy. Adding the free car wash on top of it all got the media’s attention and from the looks of the story had customers lined up!

Creating a Quality Experience

Tidal Wave Car Wash is not aiming to be the quickest or cheapest car wash in the St. Louis area. The owners spent a lot of time researching car wash equipment as well as the cleaning supplies they would use. And they wanted to create a car wash that was based on quality. Car washes start at $7, and there are plenty of upsells that the automated ordering system offers customers.

Many Small Things Done Well

Tidal Wave Car Was did their Car Wash Marketing very well on many fronts. They partnered with other small businesses and created a Facebook campaign. They also got the media involved by pitching a positive story to their local news station.

If you would like to check out the full story, you can watch it here on KSDK-TV’s website. And if you need some help creating your media feeding frenzy give Wolford Communications a call, they are experts in car wash marketing plans.