Blogs used to be the main way websites boosted their traffic as SEO strategies drew a larger audience with the use of strategic keywords and phrases. When it comes to car wash marketing and blogs it can be tough to crack the search engines enough to drive traffic your way. If you have an established website for your business but are looking to increase traffic and reach a larger audience, is a blog worth it?

Spending time creating and maintaining a blog is only worth it if you can build a following outside of your website first and if you use your blog to deliver useful information your audience can’t get anywhere else. Otherwise, you may benefit more from maintaining a consistent social media page than you would with a blog that receives less traffic.

Worth it if you can build a following

A blog is a worthy car wash marketing strategy in tandem with social media or a digital newsletter because these two platforms help guide users to your website and your blog which increases traffic. Without social media or a newsletter your blog alone won’t see as much traffic and you won’t reach your target audience, those users that become in person customers.

Social media

An active social media page, like a Facebook business page, is a great way to connect with local potential customers and showcase your services, programs, and events. Having an active page makes your blog worth it because you can tease information on social media and send visitors to your blog for the full story, details, or promotion. Facebook is a great platform but Twitter and Instagram are also great for connecting with those beyond your location and showcasing your business as a brand.


A newsletter, especially a digital newsletter works much like social media pages do to help tease and showcase the main stories from your blog. If you want to start a newsletter use your customer emails to build a list and send a monthly or quarterly newsletter directly to their inbox. You can also make this newsletter accessible on your website, but it’s more powerful through direct email because it keeps customers informed on a personal level. In your newsletter you can advertise new services or promotions and make readers aware of your social media pages.

Worth it if you can deliver useful information

Lastly, a blog is a useful car wash marketing tool if you can use the blog to deliver useful and unique information to your audience. You want your blog to be a destination for everything from showcasing your products and services to providing useful links, car wash information guides, and business discounts. A blog is only useful for car wash marketing if it showcases your brand and provides a service to your audience which is done through unique and informative content. By using social media, a newsletter, and a content based blog you’ll have a solid marketing tool that is well worth your time.

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