Do you want to learn Car Wash Marketing from the pros? Then go back to school. Sonny’s Car Wash College has a range of courses designed to help car wash professionals gain and maintain an edge in this competitive industry.


Car Wash Marketing 101

If you are new to the car wash industry, Sonny Car Wash college has a plan for you. They offer a hands-on planning program for those interested in starting a conveyor car wash. Additionally, the course is designed to be non-brand specific, and 95% of what students learn in the class can be applied to any other type of conveyor carwash system.

Car Wash Management

Your employees are one of your biggest investments. Learn how to manage and empower your employees, so they perform at their peak every time they are on the clock. Then, provide your staff with the skills they need to make them productive team players that will keep your customers coming back.

Equipment and Care

What would you do if your machinery went down? Can you fix it yourself or do you need to call a technician? Calling a technician is expensive. So every minute your equipment is down is money walking out the door. With Sonny’s Car Wash School you can learn to maintain and repair your equipment. Keep your machines running and cash flowing.


Do you own more than one car wash? Sonny Car Wash College has a program for owners of multiple car washes. Learn advanced management strategies, and keep up with technology trends to ensure your car washes remain profitable.

Tools and Training

The courses at Sonny’s Car Wash College are fully comprehensive. The courses are designed to make sure you and your employees stay ahead of the game no matter which car wash conveyor system you are using.

Marketing Tips

Sonny has the tools to ensure you are up to date with all the latest trends in conveyor car wash technology. Be sure to keep up with Car Wash Marketing here and ensure customers know who you are. Put your training to good use and draw in new customers to stay ahead of the competition.