Starting and maintaining a business requires creativity and frugality. Getting the most quality for at the lowest price should be at the top of every business owners mind. When it comes to your logo and branding, it is important not to cut any corners. Your professional logo is a quick visual representation of your company and brand. 

Why a Professional Logo is Important

mercedes-logo-car-star-40880A logo will help you look more established and reputable. Your brand will define who you are, and a logo is the first part of your brand people see. There are plenty of businesses out there that get their nephew who can draw well to create a logo. However, drawing well and communicating a product or service visually are two different skills. Having a professional logo created will make your business look more professional when people pass by.

Looking more professional will help draw in more clients. You will not only attract more clients, but you will attract higher quality clients. A cut-rate logo represents cut rate services. A high-end logo represents quality. So depending on the type of customer you want to attract, and depending on the type of service you provide, you will need a logo to match.

A logo done well will help customers remember who you are and which services you provide. So, combining your logo with a mascot helps customers keep you in the front of their mind. You will stand out from the crowd with a catchy logo and mascot.

 Are Graphic Artists Expensive?

Since the rise of websites like and, getting a logo made has never been easier or more affordable. Simply visit one of these sites, and you have two options.

Option 1, you may post a job and artist will bid on your job. These artists will send you samples of their work and give you an estimated turnaround time for your project. Once you hire them, they will create a logo and give you a predetermined number of revisions.

Option 2, you may browse through artists profiles and find one with a style you like. Artist will post their rates as well as turnaround times as well as other terms. Simply send the artist of your choosing a message to get your project started.

Logos range from $5 to $100 depending on how many revisions or different looks you want. File type also plays a role in price. You should always opt for a vector or original image. These images can be blown up to an infinitely large size and can be printed on anything by your local print shop.

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