auto-519826_960_720Car wash marketing isn’t just about direct mail, gift cards and social media. It’s also about the people you hire. One car wash business in Nashville is taking this fact seriously, recently posting a job ad for a “car wash service advisor.”

To our thinking, that’s about as important a role as any other for a car wash business, but it’s one that could be easily passed over for other positions, like manager and wash attendant. According to the job ad:

MILES The Auto Spa, the nicest car wash and automobile accessory detail-er in the country is seeking one full time Service Advisor position. This position is the first point of contact for all customers entering the premises. This position will greet and educate the customers on all services and is responsible for making the customer experience a great one at MILES The Auto Spa.

The service adviser is the person who greets customers, explains the products and helps them choose the best option for them. This person knows as much about the business of washing and detailing cars as the manager or owner and should be the person with the best people skills in the company.

Obviously, it’s not cheap to bring on a new employee. So it’s important to find ways to monitor your return on the investment of the position and identify tasks and strategies to ensure the service adviser pays for his or herself. Low-pressure upselling is one way. Another is to hire a service adviser who can also manage social media accounts and draft marketing materials. In addition, the service adviser could be tasked with collecting information from customers, such as email addresses, or encouraging them to join your loyalty program.