Any successful car wash marketing campaign must include ideas that cover mobile access for the customers on the go. Customers are always on their phones and your business should be easy to look up, provide relevant reviews, and have its own social media pages. All of these areas will connect with customers digitally, show your business is current, on trend, and accessible.

1. Mobile friendly website

Customers are going to look up your business at some point and you want to be ready when they do. Having a website that’s current and mobile friendly means that customers can get all the information they need about your car wash from any device. Your website should make it easy to find information about hours, locations, services, and promotions which will lead to more sales and repeat business.

2. Rewards for check ins or reviews

Third party review sites like Yelp and Google are ways customers look for information about the customer experience. It’s a good car wash marketing idea to use these sites to your advantage. Make sure you take ownership of your business pages and encourage customers to post a review or check in. To add to your car wash marketing campaign you may even reward customers for their review or check in on these pages with a discount, free coffee, or any other motivational perk. Implementing this strategy will keep your page current and lets the customer brag about your service.

3. Social media marketing

Another area of car wash marketing in the digital world is social media. Customers on the go may check their Facebook or Twitter quickly throughout the day which is where you can remind them to stop by for a wash or give a heads up about a current promotion. Having active social media pages shows your business is current with the trends and is another way to boost traffic and gain customers. To stay active on your Facebook and Twitter you may tease content from your website which will show customers your page is relevant and useful.

4. Digital customer service

Customers want to be able to do everything from their phones, this includes customer service. If you implement a digital customer service customers can add funds to their club card, ask questions, track orders, view their membership and more. Having digital customer service will help further your car wash marketing because it shows you’re relevant and are within reach no matter where the customers are which is definitely on the go friendly.

5. Mobile app

The last and most accessible to your on the go customers is a mobile app. Establishing a mobile app helps you showcase all the highlights of your business, market promotions, track loyalty member accounts, and provide customer service. If you’re serious about reaching on the go customers and want to take your car wash marketing in the digital field to the next level, creating an app for your business is the way to go. The app will represent your business like your website does but also makes it interactive, convenient, and accessible on any smartphone or tablet.