Looking for a good Car Wash Marketing Idea? How about hosting a charity event? Local charities are always looking for a way to raise funds. Help them out by hosting an even for them. Use PR and social media to promote the event and the lasting effects will stick around for years to come.

pexels-photo-210627Finding a Local Charity

What are you passionate about? How do you like helping people? Do you want to feed hungry families in need? Call your local soup kitchen and offer to host a fundraiser at your car wash. Do you love animals? Contact your local humane society and offer to hold a car wash/pet wash at your facility. There are many charities to choose from, think about how you want to help your community.

Promote the Event

Local TV news and radio need positive stories in their broadcasts. These are called “kickers.” E-mail a local reporter or media outlet with news of your event. The reporter wins for “finding” the lead, and you and your charity win by drawing in a large crowd.

Car Wash Marketing Idea: Get Social

Reach out to your Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. Let your customers know about the event. Invite a food truck or local restaurant to get in on the action. Encourage your local charity and other parties involved to reach out to their social media network and promote the event as well. The more people you can involve in your charity the more successful it will be.

Think Long Term

Do not aim to make a quick buck on a Saturday with a charity. Make the event all about the service you can provide to your local charity, keep your heart in it. Your payday comes later. Once you are recognized in your community as someone who serves the people, you name will be in the front of everyone’s mind next time they need a car wash.

Additionally, press coverage will add to your brand recognition. Online news coverage will link to your wash’s website and boost your SEO ranking with Google, Yahoo and search engines.

Get started today. Think of how you can serve your community and make a plan to help those in need!