Reaching out to your local community can easily be achieved by sending a direct mail guide, specifically for winter car care. A direct mail is a car wash marketing campaign where mass flyers or postcards are sent through the main to potential customers. These mailers quickly showcase your brand and educate the consumer on how your business can suit their needs and why they should stop in soon to purchase your service. A winter car care guide is the perfect opportunity for car wash marketing because it offers information on why winter car washes and services are important and alerts those around you where your car wash business fits into their busy lives.

Winter car care

A direct mail guide to winter car care can take many forms depending on what you’re hoping to achieve. A simple option would be a flyer or large postcard that offers your business name, location, hours, and phone number along with a list or quick bullet points sharing how your car wash can help potential customers take care of their car through the winter months. More elaborate mailers are a booklet showcasing all your washes and services.

Information to include about winter car care could be the dangers of road salt and how it can lead to rusting, how your car wash caters to this issue and which washes can remove the most road salt. You can also mention how to maintain the interior since road salt ends up on the floor mats and can discolor or erode the interior as well. If you offer any car wash upgrades to reduce road spray sticking to the car or an all weather windshield washer fluid this is also important to mention since it can get customers to make more than one purchase and get their car outfitted to handle the snow, rain, or cold weather.

Promotions, discounts, car wash coupon books

Another car wash marketing option for your direct mailer would be to include information about any winter promotions you may be running and offer a discount or coupon if customers bring in the mailer. This is a great way to see how your mail campaign reached the community and what drew new customers in. Many people will take a quick glance at flyers before tossing them, so if you make the promotion, discount, or coupon visible and highlight how winter car care is important, people are more likely to save the flyer. You can also mention something reminding customers to put the flyer in their car so they have it on hand when they stop in and can use the coupon.

Reference website and social media

The last piece of information you should include on your direct mail is your website and usernames for any social media accounts. This gives customers a central location to look up your business, find their nearest location, and see how active and current you are online. Many people want to look up a new business before visiting so you should make it easy for customers to find you and make contact to get their questions answered.

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