Wash DifferentThe International Carwash Association has set the date for its 2014 Wash Different Workshop, a gathering of experts focused on industry growth and marketing strategy. The workshop is Sept. 23-24 at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare.

“The Wash Different Workshop is all about thinking about your car wash business differently,” the ICA says in an announcement of the workshop. “Instead of focusing on the details of washing cars, this car wash operator program focuses on the higher level concepts necessary to enhance your car wash business.”

The highlight of the event is the unveiling of the results of its 2014 consumer study, a piece of national market research that the ICA has conducted every three years since 1996. Bob Klein, of Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide, will discuss the findings, which center on “four key areas”, according to the association:

Car Wash Incidence – A longitudinal view of home vs. professional car washing from 1996-2014

Value – What do consumers most value in car wash services?

Barriers – Why do consumers not wash (or wash more often) at a professional car wash?  Is there potential to convert non-washers?

Differentiation – What factors influence consumer preference for one professional car wash over another?

The fee for the event is about $400, plus the room rate at the Hyatt, nearly $200. So the price isn’t cheap, but the itinerary seems incredibly useful, especially if the full results of the study can’t be accessed elsewhere.

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