Impulse carwashing is becoming a popular trend these days, which means any car on the street that passes your business is a potential customer. Understanding how to target impulse car wash customers will help you create a car wash marketing strategy that caters to this customer base and will help you outfit your car wash with highlights that lead you to make more sales.

What is impulse carwashing?

An impulse car wash is when someone on the street sees your car wash in the distance and decides that no matter what their plans are, they’re going to stop in and get their car washed right now. In order to land these customers you need to make your car wash a destination from the food your offer to the activities or supplemental services that take place at your location. Impulse carwashing is also a prime opportunity to convert this one time customer into a regular by offering coupon books, loyalty club memberships, or discount washes which will get customers to return sooner than if you waited for them to impulse buy again.

How to take advantage of impulse carwashing

To take advantage of impulse carwashing you should consider the demographics that make impulse purchases. Typically the driving force behind an impulse buy is the price point. Customers may stop for a quick wash if you advertise the price of your most popular wash clearly from the street. Another option is to advertise a discounted promotion so those who drive past on their way to and from work, school, or home, see this price and it sticks in their minds when they need a wash.

Another strategy to consider is alternate or mobile advertising. This could include Facebook ads, radio or television ads, and print ads. These advertising avenues will help your brand stand out and will connect with the customer when they drive by your business, leading them to impulsively purchase a car wash and potentially be converted to a regular customer.

Look at your car wash as a new customer would

If you want to cater to impulse carwashing customers consider how a new customer may see your business from the street and what they learn as they pass by. You could greatly benefit from some signage, displays, or even how your car wash is accessed from the street or navigated through your property. By examining your business from the outside you may easily draw more customers in from street traffic for a simple wash to an elevated wash or detailing if your bays, vacuum stations, or prices are visible from your storefront.

To really seal the deal with impulse carwashing consider asking new customers what drew them in for a wash. Your attendant that does the greeting could simply ask what the customer is in for today or the cashier could offer a feedback card for customers to complete while they wait. Good customer feedback even on Facebook or your website can help you understand why people chose your car wash on a whim and what you can do to get them to keep coming back.

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