If you’re just getting started with your car wash marketing plans it can be tricky deciding which options have the best return and fit into your budget. These three tools, coupon books, social media pages, and a loyalty program, provide the best returns for their time and cost.

Coupon books are a traditional car wash marketing option that many customers will be familiar with and embrace. Social media pages like Facebook help you connect with potential customers, run promotions, and drive traffic to your website. Loyalty programs are a great way to take your marketing plans to the next level by creating a frequent customer base and adding personal touches.

Coupon books

A car wash marketing tool with a great return is a coupon books. Having a batch of coupon books that you offer at a reasonable price will give new customers an opportunity to sample your services and products at a slightly reduced rate. This option, as opposed to a promotion or discount code, has a greater return because customers can share their coupons with friends and family, spreading the wealth when they might not use a specific service which increases your customer base.

Coupon books are also a good car wash marketing tool because it represents your brand in terms of your colors, location, and services, and it’s an easy next step to branch out once your business is up and running. Coupon books are a great test option because you can order a batch and see how popular they are with current customers and how they help increase your customer base.

Social media pages

Another budget friendly option for car wash marketing is establishing social media pages for your business. Using social media networks like Facebook and Twitter will help show your business is staying current and it gives you a platform to run promotions, events, and showcase your services. A Facebook page is also a great connection to your website which will help drive traffic which will provide information like business hours and a list of services you offer.

Social media pages have a great return because it’s a low cost way to market your business. It allows you to connect with customers which is great for trying out new promotions and getting friends to share your information with their network.

Loyalty program

If you’re looking to take your car wash marketing plan to the next level and want a budget friendly option, setting up a customer loyalty program is a great next step. A frequent wash club or loyalty program allows the customers to join a membership which provides discounts or other perks.

A club or program has some of the best returns because customers won’t increase their wash frequency by much and you will earn some extra money along with gaining more loyal customers. A loyalty program will also increase your person to person referrals which will extend your car wash marketing reach, and continue to build your customer base.

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