Whether you are a tunnel wash or a hand wash, your car wash has something that can get customers through the gate. But everybody could use a boost in business sometimes, and good marketing is the fastest and most reliable way to improve your numbers. Some of these marketing tactics could be what springs your business ahead.

  1. Brighter colors, sleek design

With contemporary design taking a turn toward sleek, clean statements, it is no wonder people are attracted to bright, bold lines. It may be time to give your logo an upgrade. Not only will a brighter design attract more new people, a new sign outside might catch the attention of some people who would normally look past it on their drive every day.

  1. Long term deals

In a recent blog we discussed the power of coupon books. They are a great way to get people into your car wash by purchasing washes in advance. Another great way to draw people in and increase customer loyalty is through a monthly or annual program. Using face adhesive, destructible barcodes, it is easier than ever for customers to sign up for and use unlimited plans, and easier for you to keep track of their monthly or yearly traffic.

  1. Get involved in your community

A lot of your business is going to come from right within your community. You can spread the word about your car wash by getting involved in local events like festivals and street fairs. Sponsoring school programs in your area is also a great way to get your name out there and gain visibility at every sporting event or arts program. Another great way to get involved is to collaborate with other local businesses. Invite the local coffee shop to set up a booth, call in a local food truck, or tag team with a pet washing service in your area. The businesses will love the visibility in collaboration and the community will appreciate the bonus service.

By cleaning up the face of your business and inviting more people in directly from your community, you could increase traffic and your car wash will be more recognizable. Getting to know your community and generating customer loyalty is one of the best ways to get and keep customers coming back time after time.