luxurywashWe often write about the complex process of approval for car wash site plans and renovations. Sometimes, first-time business owners find they underestimated the difficulty of gaining approval from municipality on the first try. Here’s a sampling of car washes undergoing facelifts, seeking approval and opening for the first time. It’s a long and tedious process, hopefully made easier for you by reading about others.

A new luxury car wash in Plano, Texas just opened up, featuring a beautiful indoor bar for customers to wait at while their vehicle is cleaned. They can order beer, wine or a latte while watching television. Glass opposite the bar shows the tunnel where their car is washed.

Combining European technology with American luxury, the $5 million facility features a 135-foot car wash conveyor, dual 80-foot detailing belts and a lobby that rivals a high-end sports bar or swanky hotel lounge.

And a 30-year-old Jacskonville, Illinois car wash is getting a makeover. The owners of the wash say they’ve invested in the best technology for the business, which will now feature automatic bays with touch-free or soft-touch or a combination of the two. The owners of Baywash said tho was their first car wash. They now own a total of 10 in Illinois.

And in Middlebury, Connecticut, commissioners are still listening to proposals for a new car wash in town. reports that the owner of a proposed car wash originally came to the commissioners back on Oct. 6. He had since updated his site plans when he returned later in the month. The building was moved 20 feet south on the site per their recommendations. But at the second meeting, commissioners raised concerns about access to water and water usage as well as the need for a bypass lane. After speaking with transportation officials, they decided there was room for a bypass lane, but they still had questions about other factors of the proposal. The discussion will be continued at the Nov. 2 meeting.