Ozzie the Octopus is taken down from his post.

Residents of Madison, Wisconsin said goodbye to an iconic fixture in town known for its work representing what was formerly known as Octopus Car Wash. Ozzie the Octopus, a smiling green octopus holding brushes and sponges for cleaning cars, was removed from the signs of three car washes in the city recently. The change comes after the chain was bought up by a new owner.

The octopus signs were removed with a crane and several residents of the town snapped pictures as the creatures descended. Madison.com reported that a national chain called Mister Car Wash has purchased the three Madison locations along with two others in Rockford, Illinois.

But fans of the cute critter may be in luck. It turns out the previous owner of Octopus Car Wash has asked to keep the signs. If that works out, he wants to have them displayed somehow at the new car washes.

“I am working on a plan to display the Ozzies and I appreciate the cooperation I’ve gotten from Mister Car Wash in this effort,” Jeff Jurkens said in a Mister Car Wash news release.

Jurkens’ father launched the Octopus Car Wash chain in 1956. Business officials with Madison say they’d like to see at least one of the signs preserved in town. Residents took to Facebook to echo that sentiment.