Car wash business owner Scott Glover (center) stands with two employees of his new hot dog shop. | TribLive

A former car wash business owner decided to sell both of his locations to try a new commercial venture. Trib Live reports that a Penn Hills, Pennsylvania man is now selling hot dogs at a drive thru he converted at the site of his old car wash. Mr. Beaner’s Drive-Thru Wieners also sells, sausages, kielbasa and meatball sandwiches.

Owner Scott Glover already owned a car wash when he decided to open a second location in his town. That was back in 2004 when a former car wash site went up for sale at a sheriff’s auction. Rather than let another car wash competitor move in, Glover said he decided to expand. He opened his second Splash Touchless on the same street in Penn Hills.
But soon, Glover decided to leave the car wash industry all together and to pursue another dream of his: a hot dog shop. Luckily, his second car wash was in the perfect location. With some tweaking to the building, he opened both the drive-thru and the sit-down area inside the restaurant. His menu incorporates carefully selected ingredients, such as mustard from Cleveland, Ohio, and also has marks of tradition. The meatball recipe is one belonging to his mother-in-law, an Italian immigrant.
“I’ve opened businesses before, but this one kind of scared me,” Glover admitted. “I figured I’ve got to go through with it.”
Glove told Trib Live he took his experience in the car wash industry with him when opening the restaurant. He learned best practices from his favorite successful hot dog shops and went out and talked to the owners himself.