Joe Pippenger

It’s been 50 years since Joe Pippenger started his car wash in Glenwood, Idaho. The business owner celebrated five decades in business during a recent event where he gave away car washes and key chains. He credits his success over the long haul to a serious of remodels his business underwent to stay at the forefront of innovations in the industry.

The Clearwater Tribune reports that since 1966, Pippenger has updated his equipment multiple times both in 1976 and 1988. He later added his automatic wash in 1994. updating the equipment. He even went on to open a second business, which he ran out of his basement for the first five years.

Panhandle Powerwash is a distributor of major car wash products. Glenwood Carwash operates downstairs at the establishment while the distributor operates in the upstairs portion of the business.

“It came to be, more or less because of Glenwood Carwash,” Pippenger said. “There were few distributors left in business and they were all retiring and closing down. As I learned about pumps, cleaners, pressure washers and carwash equipment, I was able to utilize that information with the products and have gained clients all over the northwest and across the U.S.”

Pippenger said one of his other habits over the years has been to keep his car wash extremely clean and neat. As he puts it, clients looking to have their vehicles clean don’t want to do it at a place that seems dirty. So it is with that in mind that he has employees wipe down equipment as many as three times a day, cleaning the bay floors to boot.