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A Tinley, Illinois entrepreneur was hoping to expand his car wash business when he went before his local board to ask for a liquor license. The license would have allowed him to serve alcohol on the premises and would have also required that he begin serving food. Having a “pour license” in Illinois also means that business owners can apply to have video gambling machines, something the car wash owner never said he planned to do.

The Chicago Tribune reports that board members in Tinley ultimately rejected the pour license, citing a concern about drivers stopping for a car wash, having a few drinks and then driving again. The car wash owner said he planned to have drink limits in place at Park & Stay Cafe. While that’s exactly what happens at most bars, the board agreed this was a major problem.

The other problem for the owner is that video gambling is become more and more popular in Tinley and not everyone is a fan. Some council members said they worried that allowing a liquor license was really just a way for the car wash owner to eventually offer the gambling.

Residents have spoken at recent board meetings about a proliferation of video gambling in the village, and the board had begun a policy of requiring businesses seeking a liquor license for the purpose of getting state approval to have video gambling to make their pitch to trustees.