Ali Mahmoud Ahmed

Back in October, we told you about a UK man who was caught by undercover detectives for smuggling illegal immigrants using his car wash business. At that time, a jury found the 38-year-old business owner guilty of the crimes. Ali Mahmoud Ahmed bragged to undercover investigators that he had smuggled immigrants in on trucks.

He even commented in front of officers that a certain vehicle could easily fit two runaways inside. At one point, Ahmed agreed to smuggle a man’s brother into the country for £7,000

The man has since been sentenced. He will have to serve a three-year prison term for what prosecutors are calling a “serious, detailed and advanced” plan to smuggle illegal immigrants. The Telegraph & Argus reported the update last week.

“He was trying to create a criminal enterprise that was for reward,” Prosecutor Ian Howard said. “There was a degree of organization and sophisticated planning here.”

Prosecutors called human smuggling a crime of global concern. He was found guilty of encouraging the facilitation of a breach of immigration law. He has been sentenced to three years behind bars.

“We are determined to crack down on the vile trade of people smuggling and to bring those responsible to justice,” Immigration Minister James Brokenshire said. “Those who try to profit from society’s most desperate should know that they will be caught and they will end up in prison.”