ringfoundCar wash workers in Panama City Beach, Florida are trying to find the owner of a wedding ring they found in one of their vacuums. The News Herald reports that employees received a visit about a month ago from a woman saying she had recently lost a ring. She showed employees a photo but no one had seen the missing jewelry. The woman left without giving her name or contact information.

It wasn’t until this month that car wash attendant Roy Morganthaler found the ring while cleaning out the vacuums. “My jaw dropped instantly,” he said. “It was a big ol’ ring.”

Now Quick and Clean Car Wash is trying to track down the woman. They’ve posted signs and scoured CraigsList looking for anyone asking about the ring. So far, no luck. To claim the ring, you’ll have to provide a description along with your photo ID.

“We want to get her back married to the ring,” Quick and Clean president Lee Sage said. “I would feel the same way if it was their driver’s license or wallet.”