636236179213511287-sd-022517-cole-a-metroThe owners of a chain car wash in the town of Victor, New York, near Rochester are set to buy new property that happens to be the site of a historic landmark in the county. Park Place is a farmhouse built in 1813 by a wealthy farmer in the area. The farmer cleared a large tract of land in the town and erected a quaint yellow house that would become the site of various businesses over the years as residents of the town sought to keep it as part of the landscape.

But after 13 years in business, Cole & Parks Restaurant will no longer occupy the space. On March 3, the owners of the Royal Car Wash chain are set to acquire the land. The plans, according to the local paper the Democrat & Chronicle, are to tear the old farmhouse down and build a new car wash. History enthusiasts and residents are hoping there is a way to both welcome a new car wash and somehow preserve the old building.

Danny Daniele is set to buy the property. He told the Democrat & Chronicle has has talked to city officials about either building the car wash to somehow incorporate the existing building or to somehow have it moved. Daniele said with so many small businesses cropping up in the area, the farmhouse looks a bit out of place in the changing town. There is a cemetery across from the lot, which the paper described as “pizza slice-shaped,” as well as some chain restaurants. The city has zoned the area as “commercial/ light industrial.”

Daniele said his family has gotten many requests to add a Royal Car Wash in the town of Victor. Whatever happens to the old farmhouse, Daniele said the new car wash will maintain a certain look and feel cohesive with the town as it is now.

“We’ve designed them to look much more colonial and much more community-based,” he said.