car-wash-coffee3.jpgWe love seeing car wash entrepreneurs trying new combinations to make their businesses thrive. And here’s another one of the tried and true partnerships we’ve seen work for other businesses. Coffee and car washes.

Bethesda Magazine reports that the owners of a car wash chain in Bethesda, Maryland are opening a coffee shop. The owners of Mr. Wash, a chain of six locations in Maryland and Viriginia, has purchased a vacant building. They weren’t able to get in touch with the owner, but the sign on the store’s facade now reads Car Wash Coffee in black and yellow lettering and complete with a little red car logo.

While we don’t know for sure, we’re assuming the idea will be for customers of Mr. Wash to hop on over to Car Wash Coffee before, during or after their service to get a little caffeine boost. But the space also looks big enough to entertain more than just the regular flow of car wash customers.

The new business seems to be a welcome one in Bethesda where the former building has sat vacant since July. It was purchased by the new owners who quickly began making plans to open within the year. It replaces a dive bar and restaurant known as Savannah’s American Grill.

A Mr. Wash manager said Car Wash Coffee might open in late May. On Thursday morning, the interior space looked unchanged since Savannah’s days, and workers said it would be remodeled before opening.