20161205__04rhbartsaw1Here’s a unique way to make your car wash even more a part of your local community. A car wash in Loveland, Colorado has put the art of a handful of local artists on display in the lobby of their business. Speedy Sparkle Car Wash is now inviting the public to come by and take a look, even if they aren’t there to get their cars washed.

The Reporter Herald said the business is also selling the works on behalf of the artists who did the pieces, kind of like a long-running art show or gallery. The promotion began at the end of November and will go through tomorrow. You can see and buy art from four women: Joyce Shaulis, Meredith Funk, Maegan Bergstrom and Beth Poncelow. Poncelow’s art is featured in a photo on the local paper’s website. She’s a photographer who prints her photos onto square metal plates and the effect is pretty neat.

The carwash has introduced its Shine ‘N Shop: Local Artist Market event this year “in an effort to support Loveland businesses and provide local artists local exposure,” according to a press release.

There are tons of unique ways to become a partner to residents of your community and pick up some business in the meantime. Here’s a few ideas we’ve highlighted recently:

  1. Sponsor an annual scholarship for employees. 
  2. Hold a contest for local students that results in a scholarship.
  3. Offer to be the site of a fundraiser.
  4. Get in the holiday spirit with a Halloween haunted car wash.
  5. Give back to local veterans.