This car wash in Madrid, Spain lets its customers watch the entire 25-minute procedure.

A standard car wash in Madrid, Spain underwent a major renovation that turned a functional business into a pleasing design experience. The result is a car wash you can watch during the entire 25-minute ride your car takes through the blue tunnel to be cleaned. The project was finished in February and construction did not affect the operation of the business, which is open 12 hours a day.

Architect Lina Toro took on the project to transform the car wash, named Burbucar. The business sits on the ground level of a seven-story building. Its car wash tunnel spans about 230 feet in length and about 40 feet in width. Now a customer can watch through glass display cases as their vehicle is cleaned along the entire tunnel.

While they wait, customers can lounge in an area complete with a mini ball pit and refreshments. The blue epoxy paint that coats even the floors and ceilings is more of a teal color. Rather than jarring the customer, it gives the impression of a clean facility.
The car wash rests on a neoprene bedding which is designed to absorb vibrations from the machines that are hard at work throughout the facility. Burbucar boasts that 80 percent of its water is recycled in a purifying room where six different tanks cycle through.

It’s one of those projects you need to see to understand. has the full video showcasing the process online. Check out their gallery of photos, too.