Time for your Friday morning marketing roundup. We’ve pulled out a few marketing ideas for you to stew over this weekend, from search engine optimization (that’s how people find your car wash on Google) to the best way to design (or redesign) your website for maximum results. Take a look at these ideas and then let us know what you think in the comments section or on Twitter.

  • First, we’ll look at Entrepreneur.com and their new post, which lists the five SEO trends every business owner needs to know. It turns out SEO marketing isn’t what it once was: namely, slapping a handful of keywords into the article and creating a few links to your page. Google is taking a more strict approach to its search rankings. It places more emphasis on quality content that is legitimized by other trusted websites, which link back to you, or users on social media, who share your links. All of this tells Google your page is useful. So what’s the takeaway for your car wash blog? Write good content that makes people want to read it and share it.
  • Rapid Boost Marketing writes about the five most important things to consider when designing your website. The way web design is changing has a lot to do with the way SEO is changing. It’s not enough to have a static page anymore. Pages must move. They must have fresh, quality content. They must offer social media buttons to improve sharing. And it must have responsive design (that means the layout changes depending on whether the user accesses your site from a laptop, tablet or smartphone). Ultimately the goal is to create an environment in your web identity that encourages users to share you with friends.
  • According to Digital Disruption, the seven social marketing trends to watch this year all pretty much have to do with Twitter. “Social media now accounts for the majority of time on the Internet,” the author writes. That’s really important for big-name corporate brands, but there are also important takeaways for small business owners who run one car wash or a small chain. One is that your online reputation can be boosted through the roof or crushed by a single Facebook post. So you should be monitoring what people are saying about you and making sure your messages (and deals!) find your customers.
  • And finally, a note about management. CNN Money offers some tips about firing (and hiring).

No question, firing people is hard. “It’s the management duty I hate most,” entrepreneur David Robins said. “But in a start-up, margins for error are so slim and time is so critical, sometimes you just don’t have a choice.”