political-carwashIf you’ve decided a haunted car wash on Halloween isn’t scary enough for your business, why not promote your wash with a tie-in to the upcoming election? A car wash in Lakewood, Washington took that bold move plunge as a way to lighten the mood. What you might expect to be a polarizing marketing idea is actually working well, according to Q13 Fox news station.

“It’s been fun. It’s been good,” owner Corey Campbell said. “This election has got much more attention for, frankly, as dirty as it’s gotten, there’s been a lot of play about washing your car and come clean on your vote.”

Campbell has transformed all three of his local car washes to take part in the challenge. Now customers coming for a wash can choose between the Trump bay or the Clinton bay. Each has been labeled with banners that say “Show your vote.”

While it’s an unofficial tally of sorts, we imagine it’s been interesting to watch customers make the choice. Campbell said the promotion has worked well and that he’s seen people choose bays or avoid bays after reading the signs.

Drivers at a car wash in Fort Pierce, Texas also started casting their ballots today as part of early voting. They’re using rolls of quarters to show their support for various candidates, according to King5 TV station.

If politics aren’t your cup of tea, we have two other fall promotions you might like. Try a spooky halloween tunnel transformation like these businesses. Or, look for a way to py back our veterans. Nov. 11 is Veteran’s Day and it’s a great time to offer free washes or discounts.