Sweden’s Drive-in Boatwash looks to move to Florida.

If you’re in the kind of climate and location that allows it, boat washing is another business you can easily branch into from the car wash side of things. The News-Press in Fort Myers, Florida reports that a new boat washing business is moving to their area. Drive-in Boatwash is a company based in Sweden that has its sights set on Southwest Florida where boaters treat their vessels with the same care as luxury car owners.

The business model allows for boaters to dock at a designated station without leaving the water for a clean. Instead, machines do the job in just 15 minutes, eliminating the need for divers, too. The company started with 15 machines six years ago and now they’re looking to spread their pending patents internationally.

The machine, which has a U-shaped aluminum frame, is operated from the dock by remote control. The boat is driven in between beams after the basin gate has been lowered, then the boat is secured and the gate closed. Eight to 10 non-abrasive rotating brushes clean the hull and a basin underneath ensures residue is properly collected for disposal.

Drive-in Boatwash already has a marina using its machines in Palm Beach County. The company decided to look at Southwest Florida when they learned that the three-county area boasts 90,000 vessels. They’re looking at Australia, New Zealand and Canada too. The service will bring in an estimated $80 to $100 per wash.