Car Wash

The drought in California continues to threaten the West Coast, and many municipalities have been working to craft policies to solve water shortages. Car wash businesses are always on the front lines of those water policy reforms, prompting the International Carwash Association to launch a campaign called WaterSavers.

Participating car washes can earn the designation of WaterSavers if they meet certain criteria, including using fewer than 40 gallons of water per automated wash and ensuring that used water is directed toward a water treatment facility. On the WaterSavers website, people can find such locations.

“In late January, the International Carwash Association launched a social media advertising effort in response to California’s emergency drought declaration,” the organization said in a recent press release. “Those efforts resulted in reaching more than 150,000 people with the message to wash their car at a professional WaterSavers car wash.”

According to WaterSavers:

Car washes typically make up less than 1 percent of a utility’s total water use. Unfortunately, during drought conditions washes can be shut down causing business ruin and unemployment. The challenge is the unequal treatment of car washes compared to other businesses when it comes to actual water consumption.

As the California drought wears on, the ICA says, “We’re also encouraging all of our members to share our other resources, including our model drought restriction white paper, with regulators and consumers alike.”