Summer is here, and nothing says summer like a good ole fashion car show. Hosting such an event at your lot may catch a lot of attention from passersby. However, hosting an online car show with your clients will get a conversation started.

What is an Online Car Show

It is simple really. Ask clients with interesting, rare, exotic or special cars if you can feature their car on your website and social media page. Host a “Car of the week” contest. Encourage customers to visit and vote for their favorite car. Give the winner a free wash, wax, detailing or whatever you decide fits your adverting budget.

Conversations to Conversions

If the offer is solid, customers will ask their friends and family to visit your page and vote for their car. They will also be honored to have their car featured on your site. This is especially true if their car is their “baby.” You can spot these car owners from a mile away. Sending more organic traffic to your website or Facebook page will boost traffic to your website and reward you with cheaper advertising dollars on Facebook. If you are on the tip of every car enthusiasts tongue in your area, who do you think they will come to when they need a carwash.

How to Start

Ask your staff to be on the lookout for cars and owners to feature on your website. When they alert you of a car, approach the owner and ask if he/she would mind if you took a few shots of their car to feature on your car of the week contest. Tell them about the prize and tell them it will only take a few minutes to shoot their vehicle.

Next, using a quality digital camera, take a series of shots of their car. When shooting cars use low camera angles. If you imagine the top of a car as a clock, stand at the 10 o’clock position on the driver’s side of the car. Get low and fill the frame of the image with the car. With a little practice, you will get the hang of it. Take a few other shots at the 8, 4 and 2 o’clock positions. Ideally, you want a look that is uniform with all your cars. Here is an example of how your shots should be framed.


Choose a Winner

To complete your contest, check and see which featured car has the most likes at the end of the week and contact the owner. Congratulations, you just made a life long customer!

Need help setting up your online car show? Give Wolford Communications a call. They are your one stop shop for car wash marketing.