In McCook, Nebraska, the B Street Auto Spa is a great example of how new car washes can and should set out to meet the needs of the community. This “auto spa” is more than that: It’s a car wash, farm machine wash and even a dog wash. How’s that for flexibility?

According to the McCook Gazette, B Street is taking up residence in what once was the Automotive Sales and Services building, a business that was opened in 1950, expanded in 1970, and closed in 2011. The building was purchased from a businessman who acquired the building at an estate sale for the late original owner. A staple location in town, the newly established car wash will cater to the needs of the community by providing not only car wash services but a wash space that accommodates larger vehicles and even a pet wash station.

In the 400 block of McCook the B Street Auto Spa is scheduled to open in stages throughout 2018 as a mega car wash facility. This “auto spa” will have space for larger trucks as well as farm equipment and even pets. The new owners have discussed their plans which includes turning the repair shop into drive through wash bays. The larger bay which once was for automotive maintenance will be big enough to serve as a large equipment wash for tractors, construction equipment, and the like. Lastly, the parts department area has space to be a car detailing service and the rest of the building offers opportunity for even more services as needed.

Construction is underway, with the original shop being removed to make room for outdoor vacuum stations. Using local contractors and businesses to complete the work, the finished plans include two drive through car wash bays, one with brushes and one touchless, both of which will be large enough for dually pickup trucks, a large bay for oversized equipment, and a self-service pet spa area where customers can wash their pets.

This case study is a prime example of how a car wash can provide for the community in its own unique way. While the location was once the hub for local automotive services, it was vacant until the someone saw that the community needed a car wash. This unique wash will help provide services for the community in addition to fill the gap for a large equipment wash and pet wash. The unique details that are going into the auto spa help B Street Auto Spa stand out in McCook and among car washes everywhere.

In terms of car wash marketing, this case study shows how listening to your community as well as your regular customers can help you grow your business to cater to the masses and fulfill a niche market. While your community may not need a large equipment wash station it may be the perfect opportunity to offer auto detailing, road spray and salt removal, rain protection or other location specific services your customers would benefit from. It may also be a good time to consider your most profitable services and see how you can use them to reach a larger audience or fulfill a similar need in a new way.

Welcome to the industry, B Street. Best of luck!