Personalizing the Customer Experience

Most business owners have heard about the importance of personalizing customer interaction. It may have started with the Millennials, but now the movement toward personalization and customization has become an important component of business. This is partly due to advances in technology. Fortunately for you there are small but powerful ways to create a personalized

Best Strategies for Dealing with Competitive Rivalries

It is rare if a carwash doesn’t have to worry about competitive rivalries. Often these rivalries can result in a Prisoner’s Dilemma. That is, when downward price moves by one car wash forces other car washes to follow suit to keep market share. When there is a Prisoner’s Dilemma everyone loses. But what strategies can

New Year’s Resolution: It’s Time To Get Serious About Data Security

Data security means keeping credit card, finance, and other customer data safe and secure. It is fast becoming (in fact, it already is) an issue small businesses need to get serious about. There have been so many high-profile leaks and a plethora of credit card scams which means you have to start taking data security

Facebook Ads Worth The Expense If You Know What To Do

Facebook ads are a great way to spread the word about your business and build some hype about your new products, services, or promotions. Every car wash marketing strategy should include Facebook posts and ads because your community and target audience are on Facebook and will tag their friends or share your posts if they

Case Study: How One Nebraska Car Wash Is Catering To Local Needs

In McCook, Nebraska, the B Street Auto Spa is a great example of how new car washes can and should set out to meet the needs of the community. This “auto spa” is more than that: It's a car wash, farm machine wash and even a dog wash. How's that for flexibility? According to the

It’s Not Too Late To Order Holiday Wash Coupon Books

A tried and true car wash marketing tool is the coupon book. These books provide new and loyal customers the opportunity to experience your products and services at a discounted rate as well as share the wealth with friends and family. Coupon books make great gifts or stocking stuffers and it’s not too late in

How To Get The Most Out Of Increased Winter Traffic

The winter weather is a strategic time to consider for your car wash marketing strategies. This time is appropriate between the holiday traffic traveling to visit friends and family to the holiday shoppers and snowy weather, all of which offers opportunity to land new customers and convert those customers to frequent flyers. You can bring

5 Easy Car Wash Marketing Tasks You Can Do Every Day

Car wash marketing can feel overwhelming between scheduling and running promotions to advertising and staying current on your website, blog, and social media platforms. Not to mention, you know, running the actual car wash. Here are five easy car wash marketing tasks you can do every day. If you're really focused, you should be able

Top 10 Most Important Factors for Choosing the Best Car Wash Site

This post was prepared by Motor City Wash Works for Wolford Communications. As an investor, once it comes to choosing a location for a new car wash, you need to look for the ideal site to set up shop. It is crucial that you commit to finding the best property because a car wash is

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