Charity auctions are an excellent way to showcase the best products your car wash has to offer while at the same time helping those in need. Offering your best, highest quality products will give people the chance to try your top of line products at a discounted price. It will also tie your brand to all the positive emotions that come with helping others.

bid-1067022_1920What are Charity Auctions?

Charity auctions are fundraising events which are often put on by local organizations. These organizations could be schools, hospitals, homeless shelters, food banks and even churches. These organizations reach out to their community and ask for donations of products and services. So, local businesses donate their services and products to the auction. Then, the organization auctions off all the items to the attendees. The money from the auction then goes to benefit their cause.

Offer Your Best Product

Quality never goes out of style. If you showcase the best of best your carwash has to offer, you will attract the highest quality of clientele. People who have money to give are often the same people who are most concerned with the quality of products and have the additional income to spare.

By offering your best service, you will not only be helping a great cause, but you will raise awareness of your brand and people will associate you with quality and philanthropy. By offering the best, you will attract the best customers.

Try donation a wash, wax and full detail package to a local charity auction. Perhaps this is a package that usually retails around $100. Savvy bidders will bid close to the amount to get a good deal on a service they want. You will get a new quality customer, and help out a good cause at the same time.

Throw your Own Auction

If you don’t know of any auctions happening, throw one at your location. Reach out to local businesses in your network and ask them for donations. Choose a cause you want to help. Invite a local band or DJ. Ask some food trucks to get involved. Write up a press release and send it to local TV and Radio outlets. Spread the word on social media.

Throwing a large event will get traffic flowing into your location and help a good cause.

For more information on hosting a charity event give Wolford Communications a call. They can help you set up an unforgettable event that will help your business, community and those in need.