These Chicago business owners say now is the time to open a car wash in their town. | Crain’s Chicago Business

A pair of co-owners at a chain of five┬ácar washes in Chicago told Crain’s Chicago Business that now is the best time to open a car wash in their city. Dave Dalesandro and Sam Youssef have looked a the numbers and say more people are paying to have their vehicles cleaned these days than they were back in 1994, thanks in large part to Millenials, who would rather shell out a few dollars than do the deed themselves. The co-owners said that while other markets such as Atlanta have been saturated in recent years with the openings of car washes left and right, there still seems to be room in their own town for good competition.

But what’s interesting about the business partners is that their chain of car washes, called┬áJet Brite Car Wash, charges just $3 per wash. At such low prices, it’s a wonder for many how they manage to not only make ends meet, but to thrive. The pair credits smart buying with their success, saying that finding the right location for a business makes all the difference.

“We were the first guys to drive prices down to $3 around Chicago, and we have no plans to increase that price,” Dalesandro said. “Some new investors are coming into the industry with the idea of charging $5 or $6 as a base price. If so, they’ll have to deal with us as competitors.”

The pair said the recession back in 2008 made it necessary to charge low prices for a wash after customers simply weren’t willing to pay the standard $5 or $10. For more on their success and their take on the car wash industry’s current pulse, read the story on Crain’s Chicago Business.