carwash23It seems just about every type of weather creates the need for more car washes. In the spring, drivers looking to purge their vehicles of grimy snow and slush decide to do a little cleaning. By the time plants are flowering and pollen is circulating, there’s another reason to rinse off your car.

Then in the summer, strict water bans and droughts force those who would wash their vehicle in their own driveway to pay professionals to use a waterless product. Now that the weather is turning chilly and beginning to feel more like the holidays, it seems there’s one more reason drivers are willing to fork over the money to have a professional wash their car for them.

According to NewsChannel 7 in Panama City, Florida, customers are taking their cars to the pros because they don’t want to stand outside in dropping temperatures washing their own vehicles. And to think Florida got “cold” weather each year! That far south, “cold” weather is anything below 70 degrees. And for Floridians, fall weather kicks in once the rainy season tapers off in early September.

The news station reported a boost in sales at the local car wash where cars were lined up waiting for a quick clean.

“It’s been pretty good, been pretty busy, had a lot of dust on the cars and they’re coming here to get it cleaned off,” said District Manager Kyle Pribbenow.

Here to buck the cold weather trend is a station out of Henderson, Kentucky where customers are experiencing a warmer than usual fall. Car wash owners there say the relatively warm weather has made customers more willing to venture out for a wash to get the grime off quick.