636150055293360058-1117-carwash-002The Ohio State University graduate who designed this new car wash in Ontario, definitely had his alma mater in mind when he drew up the plans. The Buckeye Express Car Wash is a high-tech facility complete with scarlet and grey brushes in the automatic tunnel, the same colors his college football team would have sported. And on top of it, the facility is located at the intersection of a road called Ohio 309.

The Mansfield News Journal reports that the designer Trent Walter, of Ontario, was a 2001 graduate of Ohio State where he earned a chemical engineering degree. His friend helped to design the unique building for this new car wash, which can clean a vehicle in under three minutes through the automated tunnel.

The full tunnel spans about 130 feet in length. During the first 40 feet of the tunnel, the automated cleaning brushes clean the vehicle. The brushes are maid of neo-phren which doesn’t require as much soap to loosen dirt.


The next step in the tunnel is a fine arch which shoots water into the crevices of the vehicle including the wheel wells and rims. When that’s finished, the vehicle is waxed with a liquid-based substance. Customers can use the complimentary vacuums after the tunnel.

The company plans to sell monthly passes for $17.99 that would let drivers use the wash as often as possible during each month. Customers would get a little sticker to affix to their windshield so the wash recognizes them as a regular, paid customer.