scnow.jpgA man in Florence, South Carolina started a community car wash recently that offers free services to the public. What’s the catch? The employees are all 16 and under and they’re here to learn about hard work and responsibility.

SCNOW reports that the car wash was started by a man who also runs a program called Help Me To Help You. Amir McCormick reached out to parents and kids in Florence to gain support for the pop-up car wash. This past Saturday, 12 kids ranging in age from 5 to 16 took part in the one-day event.

The kids showed up to wash cars for three hours. With his marketing skills, McCormick was able to bring 25 vehicles through the free wash. Drivers tipped the kids, knowing it was essentially a free service, and McCormick divided the tips among the participants at the end of the day.

“Washing cars is a win-win situation,” McCormick said. “This gives children the opportunity to earn a new skill and extra cash while we help those that are too busy to wash their own cars.”

McCormick said he hopes to host similar events in the future to teach children the value of responsibility and hard work. The kids who took part in this particular event, also learned the specific skill of washing vehicles.

The event was held at an auto parts store and sponsored by ERM Cleaning Essentials, PoshGirl454/HotHair454 and O’Reilly Auto Parts.  Consider hosting something similar even at your own car wash, and you’re guaranteed to become a valuable partner in your local community.