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Running a successful business and staying close to your roots are two things that should never be mutually exclusive. For El Salvador native, Miguel Martinez, those things coexist in the form of a small plot of land next to his car wash in Flushing, Queens. Mr. Martinez started the garden three years ago after gaining approval from the Smart Car Wash owner and it has since become a landmark for the Queens car wash, and Miguel’s own personal piece of home.

It’s no surprise that Mr. Martinez’ little plot of El Salvador began to attract attention from neighbors and from The New York Times as a pleasant surprise in the middle of bustling New York City. No matter the location, people are attracted to whatever other people are most passionate about. The care that Miguel Martinez puts into his garden is what allowed it to become a well-known neighborhood feature. But this is a totally unique scenario, right? Not Exactly. There are endless opportunities for your passions to play a role in your business model. From a garden just outside your wash to a music-infused car wash experience to just about anything you’re passionate about, including your interests in your business will ultimately create a unique environment and help you stand out among the competition.

Attracting press coverage is extremely valuable, not only in major news outlets like The New York Times, but in local newspapers near your car wash. Spreading the word about a unique element of your car wash, like Miguel’s homelike farm, can give clients a sense of welcome, which can boost loyalty in a small-town car wash or create sentiment for a larger, corporate-owned establishment. Introducing your passions to your car wash can show your clients a more accessible side of your business and just might be the difference between you and the next wash over.