In the great playbook of car wash marketing tips, there is one hidden gem that looks small, but packs an enormous punch: coupon books. Prepaid coupon booklets have been literally a staple(-bound) marketing trick for decades. They pull business in and give people a reason to choose your business over the competition. In the case of car wash coupon books, there’s plenty of reason this age old business move could be relevant and helpful for you.

According to Business Know-How, coupon books are known to expand your market area. People go out of their way to redeem a coupon they have at hand. For your business, that means pulling more cars in and potentially increasing your customer base through word of mouth and recommendations. Customers buying coupon books can also tear out pages and share them, spreading your customer base even more.

You could actually be making a lot more than you think with car wash coupons. Offering deals on “ultimate washes” or “classic cleans” could attract people to splurge on other things they might not otherwise want. If you offer a free vacuum with your ultimate wash, a customer might feel better spending a bit extra to get a wax to complete the clean. Not to mention that you can know exactly how much extra business the coupon books bring in simply by keeping track of the number of redeemed coupons. In this way, it’s easy to know just how effective the car wash coupon books are for your car wash.

Most of the benefit of car wash coupons in books is in the numbers. The total number of washes you offer customers is entirely in your control. By offering a range of different books, you can ulitmately control what kind of washes your car wash is represented by and how many times you want the customer to come back. Just like punch cards at the coffee shop, if your service is at its best, they’ll want to keep coming back (or, in this case, buy a whole package) for that one free extra. So if you’re trying out a new wash system or you want to show off a specific service, your coupons can guarantee that people will see it.

If you’re looking for the next car wash marketing trick to boost your business, coupon books just might be the next step to kick off your car wash. For the highest quality and competitive pricing, contact Wolford Communications today for all your car wash marketing needs.