Coupon Books/Wash Books

Many carwashes substitute wash books for prepaid cards, and vice versa. The question always comes up as to which is the best way to go. The answer is that it depends.

We have heard that location and demographics play a part (with upscale and younger customers preferring the plastic card). But we have many upscale carwashes selling the books.

Wash books allow customers to tear out a coupon and give it to a family member or friend, so they prefer the convenience. Fund raisers also like their convenience. The best way is to probably test small quantities of books versus cards and see which is most effective.

Books are up to 4-colors, with front and back covers. The covers are scored for easy access to the coupons and the coupons are perforated for easy tear-out. Each coupon is individually bar-coded or numbered in sequence.

Standard size is 4.5″ length x 2″ depth and can contain up to 20 coupons per book.

Custom sizes are also available.