An easy and effective way to grow your customer network is to create synergy with other local businesses that compliment your car wash. Here are three partner package ideas to get you started and grow your customer base.

light-glass-lamp-ideaCreate a Parter Package with a nearby Convenience Store

Summer is here, and people are spending more time on the road. Talk to a nearby convenience store and strike up a deal for both of your customers. For example, customers get a coupon for a free tire shine with a purchase of $5 or more at the convenience store. You reciprocate the offer and keep your customers cool with a coupon for a free “Slushee” at the nearby store. Get creative and come up with mutually beneficial offers that help your customers.

Partner with a nearby Coffee Shop

Send your customers to a nearby coffee shop for a discounted ice coffee to cool off this summer. In return ask the coffee shop to hand out coupons to your location for discounts on washes, shines, etc. When customers come in for your discounted offer be sure to offer them a good upsell. Doing this will ensure your offer is profitable while at the same time earning you new customers.

Partner with a Mobile Service Carrier

In the highly competitive industry of mobile phones and services, shops are always looking for an edge. A lot of mobile shops operate independently even though they are under the umbrella of a larger corporation. Talk to a sales person or manager of a nearby mobile provider. Ask them what sort of promotions they are currently running and then extend these offers to your customers. You are now providing additional value to your customers.

In return offer to extend a service to the mobile carrier. For example, “come in and check out the new XYZ phone and get a coupon for a free car wash at (your name here’s) car wash. Customers who are out and about will now head into your location with this amazing offer. Don’t forget the upsell to make the offer valuable to you as well.

For more marketing tips be sure to call Wolford Communication, you carwash marketing specialist.