newsengin-16817171_img_0001An Austin, Texas man found himself in a bit of a bind earlier this year when residents of his neighborhood complained about the animatronic dinosaurs he had displayed in his yard for Halloween. John Borek told the Austin American-Statesman that he decided to move the five dinosaurs to his car wash instead. The idea turned out to be a pretty brilliant one for his small business.

“The neighborhood association threatened to sue me,” Borek said. “I wanted the car wash to be fun and different from others. The solution was obvious, and that’s how Jurassic Car Wash was born.”

Now when you pull up to the wash, you see the T-Rex emerging from the top of the tunnel. It shoots water at cars below, much to the delight of children. There’s also a pterodactyl perched on top. There are two more dinosaurs out front where patrons can snap photos of themselves with the massive reptiles.

It turns out the dinos aren’t Borek’s most brilliant idea. His car wash has four bays and is open 24 hours a day to maximize sales. He’s also managed to capitalize on his pet wash facilities, which includes six cycles and a treat dispenser. There’s also built-in radio and speakers for customers who want to listen to music or hook up their own tunes while they work.