This is not the offending car wash, FYI. Photo by Chancey Bush/ Photo Editor/ Evergreen Newspapers

From the department of “duh,” here’s the latest car wash news out of Myrtle Beach. A customer pulled up to an automatic car wash but forgot to roll up his window. He didn’t pay for the interior clean, but he got one anyway.

Fair mistake. Take a deep breath, laugh it off and move on. Well, that’s not what happened. According to Myrtle Beach Online, he actually blamed the car wash and threatened an employee of Detrick’s Car Wash. The customer’s words, as the employee recalled them, were: “I own Myrtle Beach and Horry County. I do what I want and I know all the cops.”

Considering this article was based on a police report, I’m guessing he’s not as tight with the local PD as he thinks he is. The article goes on to say the guy may have flashed a weapon. It wasn’t clear if there were any charges.

Remember folks, it’s just soap and water. But best put up your windows.