Crime Scene

We’re starting to feel like most of the stories we write about accidents or crimes have no explanation. There was the time somebody left their ‘Nam-style grenade in the car wash bay. Then there was the man who got stuck between his vehicle and the automatic car wash equipment while the machine was still running. And who could forget the unmanned SUV that decided to flee the car wash, cross the street and slam into the courthouse next door, knocking out its power?

This one might be the best yet. According to ABC7 in California: “A man went to a car wash in Pomona and came home with an extra passenger — a stranger hiding in the trunk.”

No one knows who he is or why he was back there. All they know is that three guys went to get a car wash at Tuzos Car Wash. When they got home, they heard a knock somewhere behind them. The driver went over to the trunk and gave it a tap. The trunk tapped back. Terrified, he opened the lid enough to see a face staring back at him, slammed it shut and called the police.

The cops weren’t pleased. They opened the trunk guns and Tasers drawn. Everything went smoothly, though. No shots fired. The man surrendered and apologized profusely, muttering something about “running away from someone that needed his money.” The driver thinks he was a car wash employee who snuck in while the team was washing the car.

If we hear more on this, we’ll post an update.