(Photo: Department of Defense)

(Photo: Department of Defense)

A touchless, automated car wash system is up for auction. Its owner, the U.S. Department of Defense says it doesn’t need it anymore, but the machine is still in good shape.

“The Department of Defense will be auctioning off an entire car wash system – minus the actual facility – no longer needed by Barksdale Air Force Base,” spokeswoman Melissa Gieringer told The Times of Shreveport, Louisiana. The unit is “no longer needed by the military but far from unusable in the private sector.”

The car wash, by Oasis Car Wash Systems, is starting at $25, and bids can be placed on the government’s website beginning at 5 p.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday. Here’s the product page. The price is low to start, but whoever wins the system has to come pick it up from the Air Force base without any help from the government.

It’s also advisable that you have a structure in which to install it.

“The car wash has been dismantled and the parts are being stored on pallets,” Gieringer told the newspaper. “The car wash can easily be reconstructed for business or personal use. We think it would make an excellent small business opportunity.”