Car WashResidents of downtown Denver say a planned car wash in the area could negatively affect their nearby businesses. The Denver Post reports that residents learned just last month that Gleam Car Wash is slated to open in March. At least one business owner believes that idling cars and tons of traffic in the plaza would dissuade diners from eating at her cafe, which has outdoor seating.

“I just bought this property and have plans with city,” said Corinna Carlsgaard, who owns a building about a block away. “It’s very hard to get any commercial property in Denver these days. It took me forever to find this thing. If this car wash goes down, I can’t have my business there.”

Business owners aren’t the only ones worried about what the new car wash could mean. Some residents of the streets around the plaza say increased traffic will affect their commutes. Together, those against Gleam Car Wash have started a petition, which has already garnered more than 400 signatures.

“If these folks back up, we’re stuck,” said Ayo Labode, who lives nearby. “It really doesn’t make sense for our neighborhood.”

The owners of the planned car wash are also residents of the area and say they’re trying to be good neighbors. The pair said they heard a car wash was needed in the area and responded to that need. Officials say the owners have met all zoning requirements.