15827468-largeA car wash in the Exeter region of the U.K. is welcoming a new tenant and business partner of sorts. Mirror Finish car wash and valet service customers will now get to enjoy a burger at this 1950s American-inspired diner. The owner said he opened it because of his love for the era and the convenience for customers.

“I have always wanted to open my own American diner. I am a big fan of the 1950s theme, I love the classic cars, the music and I really loved how diners were back then,” said owner Richard Bullivant.¬†“Back then you could rock up to a diner in any clothes and just eat and that has always appealed to me.”

The Express & Echo reports that the car wash has been open for the past 10 years. Before he opened his brick and mortar location, the owner did mobile valet services out of his van. Now with a physical car wash location, he said the time was right to add the diner he had dreamed of. It was slow going at first, but now that people know where he is he said the business has picked up.

The menu will also include all day breakfasts and Mexican in addition to the 40 different burgers offered. Customers can also try their luck at a few eating challenges and burgers, also offers three types of man vs food challenges where they get all three cuisines for free, provided they can eat it all.